Mad Men: Stirling Episode

When advertising agency Sterling Cooper Draper Price came to the great “city” of Stirling, Miss Red adopted her 1960’s alter ego and hosted a fabulous soiree to welcome the lads to the good ol’ country of Scotland. If you’re not yet familiar with the AMC show Mad Men, we recommend you get on the very classy band wagon that has everybody talking about smoking Lucky Strike’s and curvy women and start watching it.

All the guests donned their best 60’s formal attire, meeting the expectations of heightened glamour of the era. Gin and Vermouth were overflowing as the classy ladies and gents mingled among themselves. Laughter and jazzy music could be heard further and further down the street as the night went on, and guests exchanged tall tales of their lives. For every couple of individuals standing politely next to each other, smoke would rise as cigars and cigarettes were burning away between their fingers.

Between the laughter and the smoke a couple thought they had managed to sneek away from the peering eyes, though only to be caught canoodling in the corridors and as such received much cheer and approval from the crowd. We hear others tried their luck in love but failed to impress their objects of desire, perhaps due to overindulgence in above mentioned substances or lack of sexy 60s attire. Two attendees were later discovered in bed together, but were behaving entirely innocently, chattering away. It is always amusing to see where the fine line goes between two “friends” who will freely use a head massager on each other at a party whilst laying in bed, though this night they remained just that and tried their chances on the opposite sex that were not each other; you may have the chance to look for the two lovely friends in the pictures, though we are not giving too much away.

One lovely guest, and a dear friend of ours; Miss LT, decided that the best way to get her dose of 5-a-day would be to put vegetables in her drink. After inserting broccoli in her gin, she proceeded to feed the lucky guests that were in the kitchen with the frozen nibbles she had found.

One broken mirror later, the party was coming to a close and the lovely guests dispersed, some to snooze, some for more booze. We hear the night carried on elsewhere until 6am but in the mean time, residents of the Gin Palace were tucked up and snoring.

The evening appears to have been a success with various sources reporting pure praise for the idea, hosts and venue. And for you readers exclusively, we will share some memorable pictures from the evening, wishing you were all there to join in the splendour that was our Mad Men soiree.


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