London: Give me Them Bright Lights, Long Nights

Miss Red has been known to make the occasional appearance in big city London. Tolerating Megabus travel is a challenge that always ends with the words “I’m never doing this ever again” but obviously she still does it.

When in London she mingles with all the lucky ones whose paths have lead them to the bright lights of the big city for one reason or another. Spoilt for choice when it comes to who to stay with, she usually resides in Camden and hits the markets.

Mingling was high on the agenda on Miss Red’s latest adventure in the capital. The fleeting 36 hour visit was a last-minute opportunity to attend the Access2Fashion networking event at Cosmopolitan HQ in the heart of Soho.

Yes, even small town hopefuls are given the occasional break and chance to take part in prestigious fashion world gatherings. After a hearty and pricey lunch at tres chic Sketch just off Regent Street with her favourite Eastern European bitches, Miss Red was definitely in the right mind set to impress those high-up fashionistas.

Together with Miss Rosé she had cherry-picked a young Parisian-look business outfit with high hopes to impress none other than the editor of British Cosmopolitan. Alas, it being Fashion Week, Ms Court left early and was not available for post-speech and Q&A networking. Likewise, Ms Gibb, head of HR for the National Magazine Company.

Friend, sneaky wannabe fashion PR guru Estonian Boy 22 gatecrashed the event (security was no-existent!), charming Sir Terry Mansfield who wished him a mischievous time in London wink wink, oh the glorious gossip. The free wine and nibbles were much appreciated, new contacts were made and some tips learnt. Together they much admired CEO of Escada’s glamorous fur. In Estonian Boy 22’s words: “A dead animal completes any look.”

But our most valuable conclusion of the night? You do not have to be a bitch to work in fashion, those people are actually nice.

London really is closer than you think.


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