The weekends in Stirling are a time when the students decide to be courteous enough to lend back the city to the locals. As tradition goes, students will go out from Monday until Thursday, with Thursday being the biggest night in one of Stirling’s three clubs; Fubar. Though when Friday turns it pretty head to bring in the weekend, the city’s students run back to their dark rooms to study, sleep or probably something illegal, and the locals get their chance to relax and go out after a long week of working.

So what do the students do during the long weekends in our fair city? Do not think that they will give up their drinking habits for the sake of the locals! They are nice, but not THAT nice. They usually choose their carefully selected halls or flats to gather around and party in. Though this brings into question why the locals and the students have an unwritten rule of staying away from each other. The students have certainly created a culture and society within the Stirling University walls, which seeps into the city during certain times of the day (more correctly the night) and days of the week. Yet the students and the locals stay away from each other, though they live in the same areas, they lead quite different lives. This may be the case in most university cities, as it seems to be a common across the country.

For now it seems to be a good arrangement, as both parties seem to like the current structure of things. Yet it is always interesting to see how things develop, and how the natural order of things settle in, as it has in Stirling the past 40 years.

– Miss Rosé


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