Ceilidhs: How Can You Not Love Scotland?

Ceilidhs are a rather fabulous Scottish tradition. An evening of folk dancing, a wee bit of drinking and lots of general jolliness makes for a really fun party. Luckily the tradition lives on and Stirling sees at least 4 ceilidhs per semester organised by different clubs and societies at the uni.

Miss Red and Miss Rosé tend to attend the International Society ceilidhs held at the posh posh ballroom of the Golden Lion Hotel in the town centre.

It’s amusing to watch a crowd of foreigners (usually exchange students) learning the Gay Gordons and Highland Fling, particularly when, as per usual in Stirling, the male:female ratio is estimated at about 30:70 causing confusion on the dancefloor as some forget they should be ”the man” in the couple.

Ceilidhs are also a great opportunity to bring out the glad rags and impress the local socialites. If we were to award the best dressed of last night’s ceilidh, first prize would go to the girls from Kazakhstan: utter perfection confirmed by many a glance from boys all across the hall!

– Miss Red


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