Treat Your Tummy in Stirling and Edinburgh

Having friends from foreign places over for a visit gives you the ultimate excuse to go on day trips to places worth seeing and to splurge on long lunches, dinners or afternoon teas for the perfectly justifiable purpose of ”catching up”.

Myself and most recent visitor from Ireland via London had a whole series of cafe visits in Stirling and Edinburgh.

The Junk Rooms, StirlingThe Junk Rooms is the newest addition to Stirling’s cafe/restaurant scene. We had a proper feast of anti-pasti, ragout and a toasted chorizo and goat’s cheese ciabatta all for the very reasonable £7 a head and charming table service. As its name would suggest, The Junk Rooms is indeed full of junk, the prettiest kind. Every piece of furniture is different and the upstairs windowsill is full of ancient glass and crystalware of all shapes and sizes. With such exotic items as parsnip cake on the menu, it’s a very welcome change from Stirling’s usual family-style ”bit of Mexican, bit of Italian, bit of American” restaurants.

Mimi's Bakehouse

There’s simply nowhere more perfect for coffee and a cake than Leith’s famous Mimi’s Bakehouse. Order a traditional afternoon tea service and you’ll get a three-tiered cake stand all to your pretty little self complete with miniature everything – sandwiches, scones, pavlova, caramel shortcake and more. Also worth a visit if you’re looking for inspiration to decorate your humble abode. Settled on The Shore it’s no wonder the place is jampacked on weekends with people on a casual strole around the trendy area surprised by either rain or pangs of hunger upon the sight of Mimi’s cheesecakes.

Under The Stairs

A hidden gem in Edinburgh’s Cowgate area, Under The Stairs literally is under the stairs leading up to one of the city’s many hills. Cocktail bar and casual restaurant frequented by nearby uni and art school students with an eclectic menu featuring beauties like sweet potato wedges, falafel burgers, beetroot & walnut salad, superb fresh salmon and more. The cocktails are to die for… Ever had coriander, coconut, basil, cucumber, ginger or lemongrass in your drink? They’re all delicious though are a treat that should be kept for special occasions at around £6.25 a pop.

– Miss Red

1 thought on “Treat Your Tummy in Stirling and Edinburgh

  1. Mmmmm, these do look delicious! I’m making it a mission to check out Under The Stairs – definitely my sort of place! (So is The Junk Room, so if I end up visiting my brother in Stirling I might cross that one off too :P).

    I also love the ‘Red and Rose’ (no accents on this American keyboard) theme to the blog – cute idea! Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment on my Edinburgh picks 😀


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