Riga Food Scene

I know I announced my absence from Stirling but couldn’t resist blogging from my beloved Riga. It’s been a beautiful day here in the city with lots of early spring sunshine reflecting off the ever-present piles of ice and snow.

I think by now I’ve made it quite clear that I’m a bit of a gourmet and enjoy my food very much so what better way to spend the one day I’m here than eating?

Breakfast? Mum and I popped over to (arguably) the best bakery out of the many on our street for some of their mouthwatering aubergine and cheese bakes – a must for any visitor to the city. Kukotava is the place to go for cakes and bakes.

As it was grandma’s 89th birthday yesterday, I went over for a visit and „crashed” the gathering she’d organised for her neighbours. Even got a cheeky mouthful of champagne though it was just after 12pm… 😉

Lunch was a bit of an experiment really. Encouraged by mum, Sister and I decided to try out one of Riga’s newest eateries that serves up all things „raw” i.e. vegetables and fruit cooked at no more than 45 degrees C. It was nice to see Raw Garden full at lunch time as we had our doubts about how well meat and potato loving Latvians would take the idea! Carb-loving me left with a confused tummy… The food was good but so… green?

As lunch had been so healthy, we felt we deserved an afternoon treat. Stopped off at Muffins & More for, yes, you guessed it – muffins. Some with chocolate, some with cream and rhubarb, they were all divine and gobbled up quickly. Even my favourite (and only) “niece”, Hebe the cat appreciated them 🙂

– Miss Red


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