I Heart the Baltics

Yet another quickie on dear old Riga. After a very intense and emotionally charged 6 days in Estonia at the 11th National Session of the European Youth Parliament ( ❤ ) , I appreciated 2 days at home to rest and rejuvenate catching up with friends and family.

A coffee & cake and vintage clothing hotspot in Riga is Bonera. It’s appeal lies not only in the beautiful selection of homemade cakes, far too reasonably priced coffees and old-school French interior but also in the opportunities for people watching. There’s no better hideout to watch the busy city centre world go by and the cafe’s clientele themselves – an eclectic mix of young hipster couples, gossiping young girls and oh-so-prettily dressed older ladies enjoying their afternoon tea and a cognac. http://twitter.com/Bonera_

I had coffee there with a dear friend who’s agreed to work on the design of our blog so soon we may have a much prettier site to visit!

A hidden gem in Old Riga (where these days it’s hard to find places with character) is Amelie. Though I refrained from ordering a cake this time, I’ve tried them in the past and never failed to be impressed with the huge slices of creamy goodness. Their coffees are a treat too as is the wall of teas to choose from! It’s another French-inspired cafe complete with gallery and an arts &crafts shop too. The cutest touch is the little crocheted tea mats you get served under each mug. http://www.qype.co.uk/place/1776729-Amelie-Riga

Lunch with the family was at our new favourite, Fazenda, yet another French-inspired eatery (sensing the trend in Riga :)?). The interior is as beautiful as what I imagine my dream home to be like with lots of florals and rustic accessories. The menu is super trendy with fresh organic produce – salads, soups, fish and some Latvian classics with a modern twist. The mini-market outdoors sells local garden goodies from the countryside. http://www.fazenda.lv/

…I’m going to miss the Baltics again. Tallinn and Riga truly are must-see and must-enjoy cities.

– Miss Red


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