Allanpark Hotel and Pub: a Stirling Vintage Secret

allanpark pub

I wish everyone to acquire some friends who work in interesting places. Our very own Miss Bulgaria donates every Friday and Saturday night to manning the bar at Allanpark Hotel, one of Stirling’s most old-school establishments where you’d struggle to find students were it not for Miss Bulgaria’s loyal group of friends who generally spend an evening every other week at the old mans’ pub.

Quite the traditional Scottish watering hole, Allanpark offers an extensive selection of beers and whiskeys to whet your whistle with. Describe what flavours you like and the patron will select a perfect whiskey to suit your taste – tried and tested by me who’s only just acquiring a liking for the tipple.

Drinks are not the only attraction punters come for, however (even though the low prices don’t even compare to what you’ll be paying in most other Stirling locales). The pub has gained itself quite the following and has a steady group of highly sociable, mainly 50-60 year old male regulars who all seem to know each other and each other’s gossip and who are all pleasantly polite with lots of wisdom they’re happy to share (not the type you’d find in many pubs elsewhere in the city). Some even bring their pet dogs, one of whom likes nothing better than to crunch down on pieces of ice thrown to him from the bar.

The interior is really plush with lots of wood and faux-leather. Music-wise Allanpark’s another hit – you’ll find yourself singing along to 60s – 80s tunes most nights.

So for a different night out in a very laid-back atmosphere and quality banter indeed, you know where to head.

– Miss Red


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