Loch Lomond, You Stole my Heart…

If there is one thing Scotland has a lot of it’s Loch’s, and last Thursday I had the pleasure of visiting one of the beautiful sites with three friends; Carmen, Lynsey and Alex. I’ve been lucky enough to have acquired friends that drive cars this year and wish to explore just as much as I do; this opens up a whole new world of places we can all go. Most of the university was closed on Thursday, as there was a strike on opposing the cuts that have lead to many people loosing their jobs. Therefore we decided that we would use the day for an outing. Being the girl that I am, I made everyone late, and we also stopped by every grocery store in Stirling before finding a disposable BBQ and all the essential products, i.e. lots of “refreshments”.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather and by the looks we were getting from everyone else, we must have been the first people to BBQ this year. But we didn’t care, the sun was shining, the weather was warm (enough), we had food (maybe a bit burnt but we didn’t mind), drinks and the beautiful scenery of Loch Lomond. It was certainly a day that will be remembered.

– Miss Rosé


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