Arbroath and Dundee: Coastal Adventures

The Weather Man has been treating Scotland ever so well again. This weekend was utterly drenched in sunshine and what better way to enjoy it than by travelling somewhere?

I hopped on a Megabus on Saturday and set off for Arbroath, a coastal town nestled between Dundee and Aberdeen, famous for its Declaration, Abbey and Smokies. The town’s history wasn’t the reason for venturing there, however, I went for a reunion with Miss Working Journalist, Miss Nikolai and Mr Playwright In The Making who I had the pleasure of living with in student halls in 1st year.

Miss Nikolai shares a swanky apartment with her man and has plenty of space to accommodate guests so I get the feeling this won’t be the last time we gather there…

Our plan was to head out for a night on the town, starting with a trip to the local Wetherspoons to fill ourselves up with cheap cocktails and then head on further to Coast Nightclub, known as the best of Arbroath’s 3 nightlife hotspots. After the classic carbonara dinner made by Miss Working Journalist and after the first few drinks, we were more than ready to set off. The town may seem small but is actually quite spread out and the centre is a few miles away from Miss Nikolai’s abode so she drove us (without having had any of the first few drinks) and we got a taxi back passing infamous Keptie Pond whose shores are apparently frequented by “curious” and “experimental” teenagers hint hint, wink wink.

Wetherspoon's ArbroathThe local ‘Spoons is huge and was, as you can imagine on a Saturday night, full of jolly folk both young and old. It’s a nice looking place with classic panelled walls and plush seats but the main appeal lies in its prices. £8 will get you any of the numerous cocktail jugs on the menu and £2.40 will get you pretty much any spirit and a mixer. Arbroath being the small town it is, local girls Miss Working Journalist and Miss Nikolai recognised quite a few punters’ faces, particularly their old high school’s “mean girls” who sat at the table right in front of us and provided us with some entertainment by behaving rather raucously and in some cases even lifting their tops up to flash hello to their pals upon arrival (as you do…).

Some of us got rather tipsy and energy levels soon reached a low point so did we ever make it to Coast? Nope, we boring old sods survived until last orders and headed off home where we continued some merriment but nodded off just before 3:00.

Dundee town centreSunday was a lazy one with a late morning wake up and a drive to nearby Dundee in the early afternoon for some grub. Contrary to what you often hear about the place, I really do find the city centre very pleasant for a stroll and some shopping. On Sunday people were out and about enjoying the weather and each other’s company, and there was a great vibe. Food-wise we just opted for a quick pub lunch that was reasonable but not amazing or memorable in any way… As luck would have it, right when I was on the way to catch my bus, we found a much cuter looking place that had brunch on the menu but closed at 14:30 😦 I’ll point you in the right direction if you ever find yourself looking for a place to eat in Dundee. It’s called T Ann Cafe. There’s also a gorgeous looking vintage store next to it called RARA.

I almost dozed off on the bus on the way back but couldn’t keep myself from staring out the window at the beautiful rolling countryside and newborn animals. Scotland, you beauty!

– Miss Red


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