Easter Special: How to Dye an Egg Latvian-style

Latvians love Easter and have a fair few traditions for it… I’ll share my personal favourite with you that is egg dyeing with onion skins.

What you’ll need:


uncooked rice/sprigs of grass/flowers

some old rags/fabric


onion skins (lots of them)

a pot of boiling water

How it’s done:

Prepare enough squares of fabric for as many eggs as you’ve chosen to colour. Take an egg and dip it in some water. Sprinkle on some grains of rice or press on some herbs/sprigs of grass/flowers for pretty patterns. Wrap the egg completely in onion skins (red works best) and then proceed to parcel it up into the piece of fabric, tying the corners together at the top with a piece of string. Add more onion skins to a pot of water and put all the wee egg parcels in. Hard boil them adding about 7-9 mins onto your usual boiling time to ensure the heat gets through all the layers.

Once cooked, unwrap the egg parcels carefully and submerge the eggs in some cold water. Cool for a moment, dry off and then rub with some oil for extra shine. Voila, an all natural way of dyeing Easter eggs!

Use the leftover water (that should be a dark red colour) to boil any remaining eggs in.

Don’t eat the eggs yet though – keep them for Easter Sunday lunch. Each guest picks an egg from the bowl and “fights” with his or her neighbour by bashing the ends of the eggs together to see whose cracks first. The winning egg brings luck and is said to give its owner a longer life. Happy Easter!  – Miss Red


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