Stirling Easter Weekend Shenanigans

Well, Easter weekend was a mighty good one indeed! It kicked off on Friday with our pal London Boy’s 22nd birthday party at the Kilted Kangaroo (ex Outback) in Stirling. And oh what a theme he’d come up with! T’was a Communist party so he himself dressed up as Chairman Mao while others chose more Soviet attire and some turned up in plain boring clothing (public disapproval!). I donned my Riga t-shirt (current IT item of clothing in Latvia), a red scarf and some generic 80s leggings and shoes so it was a bit of a mix really.

The playlist was epic with tunes by Alla Pugacheva, Kino and other classics of the era. Some people i.e. the newest addition to our crowd, Lithuanian Basketball Player knew the lyrics because it’s exactly the kind of music he grew up with back in the day so he sang… Needless to say we all got merry and danced. Thanks London boy –sound party!

As per usual after a night out in Scotland, we stopped off at a chippy on the way home. I insisted we try a new one that turned out to be the worst we’d ever come across in Stirling (I’ll refrain from naming and shaming it but it’s on Upper Craigs). Nonetheless I got to tick another “deep fried goodie” off my list – the hamburger. I would never choose to order it myself so thanks to Lithuanian Basketball Player for letting me try just a tiny bit. It was yuckie as expected! Miss Working Journalist ordered her favourite, the king rib but found it tasted rather horrific too. Enjoyment of our midnight snacks was further hindered by the rain that surprised us during the walk home. These last few weeks we’d forgotten what rain’s like so needless to say we weren’t prepared and got soaked.

We all woke up late on Saturday and spent a lazy morning lounging around the living room. I dyed eggs in the afternoon in preparation for Easter as I had friends coming around on Sunday for a picnic and barbeque in our garden.

The weather could have been better but we still had a great time severely overeating (I baked a really heavy loaf of bread), going on an egg hunt and egg-fighting (a Latvian tradition). Barbeques are the social event du jour in April and May in Stirling. I hear Miss Rose’s hosting one tonight…

Oh, I also cooked this weekend and have a little recipe recommendation for French Onion soup. Bon appetit!

– Miss Red


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