It’s a Stirling Uni Final Fling Thing

Stirling University Final FlingFinal Fling is held every year and usually attracts crowds of 1200 or so students. This year’s high ticket prices and nasty weather made for a lower turnout though. Sadly the rain also made sure the bouncy-castle-type attractions closed really early, but not before we managed to play a strange game of football where we were attached to ropes and were practically a human table football set. I scored a goal for our winning team, fun times.

We were all full of energy as we’d started the night at Miss Rosé’s with pizza and quite a few drinks. At 10pm we got a taxi and arrived on campus in style. Final Fling takes place in a field next to our on-campus castle and golf course. There’s always a huge marquee with various bars and some outdoor activities and toilet queues. Music-wise the line-up really is ridiculously bad hence people tend to get more than a bit tipsy and crowds right in front of the stage are a tad rowdy. This year’s headliners were Matt & Darren (? yeah, we’d never heard of them before either) and Katty Perry (notice the double T?… a tribute act!).

Towards the end of the night we ran out of things to do and spent time dancing in the rain. It was also super fun to see everyone’s costumes. This year’s theme was Best of British so we spotted some royals, some pot noodles, an amazing packet of Walkers crisps, some Tesco Value lagers, teabags and teapots etc. In our own group we had Charlie Chaplin, Pete Doherty, a punk and a bottle of Irn Bru. Miss Rosé was a charming chav complete with an “I love Gav” tatoo and I was Ab Fab’s Patsy Stone. People kept telling us our costumes and characters suited us extrememely well… Scary!

All in all it was a fun night and most of us suffered some consequences the next morning. I’m on the verge of getting a cold now too that might have something to do with getting soaked to the core on the way home…

– Miss Red


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