Stirling’s Epic Bridge of Awkwardness

Stirling University bridgeStirling Uni is home to quite possibly the most awkward bridge you’ll ever have to cross. Linking the two sides of our precious on-campus loch, the average student will have to pass over it at least a couple of times a week.

Whether dashing to class in the morning or crawling back to halls after a late night’s drinking session at the Students’ Union pub, or a library visit if you’re good, you’ll find the bridge is never empty. There will always be just one person coming towards you that you do not want to see or, God forbid, make eye contact with. It could be someone from class who you kind of know but don’t know well enough to say hello to, it could be someone from your first year in halls who you met at a party and had great banter with but haven’t ever spoken to again or it could be someone you got cosy with that night you don’t remember at Fubar/Dusk/The Red Room. Unfortunately, no matter what, it just will be awkward but, rest assured, we all know the feeling!

Luckily, the scenery around the bridge is stunning with views across the rolling Ochil Hills, the loch and its shores so faking a sudden fascination with wildlife isn’t too difficult.

Before setting foot on the bridge, quickly scan everyone walking towards you to see if you should start gazing into the distance and admiring the flora and fauna…

– Miss Red


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