Wee Stirling Area Getaways

G Cafe Stirling#1 Rain or shine, G Cafe is a lovely little hideout right in the heart of Stirling. Tucked into a quaint courtyard on Port Street, just across from Ziggy Forelles restaurant, the deli serves up some of the loveliest homemade cakes in town as well as soups and sandwiches. The place is set up like an old farm kitchen with a big common table taking centre stage and shelves of organic goods, veggies and spices surrounding it so if you’re well off and into your eco-friendly produce you can do your weekly shop there too, though personally I don’t know any students who do. It’s usually frequented by a more grown up crowd shall we say and seems to be a bit of a meeting place for groups of ladies having their weekly gossip sessions. I fit right in with my granny cardigans 🙂

Bracklinn Falls, Callander#2 This little getaway does require you to have a car or to date a car-owning Lithuanian boy. Bracklinn Falls are located on the mountain just behind Callander and they’re very well sign-posted from the town centre. I thought I’d never see the kind of gushing waterfalls I saw when I spent a semester in Canada last year, but Bracklinn Falls are really just as awesome. They’re certainly not just a little trickle of water dripping down onto some rocks below, but rather a proper heavy flow of water tumbling down huge chunks of rock and cliffs. The newly built bridge crossing the falls means you get amazing views in all directions. One for the weekend!

Loch Lomond#3 Loch Lomond and Castle Buchanan on an apocalyptic day are absolutely epic. In the sunshine you get a very traditional looking Scottish landscape whereas when the grey clouds and rain arrive minutes later complete with wind, the effect is much more dramatic and well worth grinning and bearing it in a raincoat. This is another little journey that requires you to have a car though there may be the occasional bus, particularly during tourist season.

– Red


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