Pretentious, Nous? Only in Venice

We were lucky enough to be in Venice for the 54th Biennale and visited both the larger venues – Giardini and Arsenale – as well as some smaller ones around town. Students get in for the very reasonable price of 12Euros so we can highly recommend it if you’re in Venice anytime until October. Be sure to be wiser than we were and visit the two venues on different days otherwise you risk a severe art overdose.

This year we were particularly impressed with the Polish, Korean, Swiss and British pavilions while Russia and Australia really disappointed us.

Other great things to do in Venice? Go to the market near Rialto, stock up on fresh veg and seafood and then hop on the cheapest gondola in town that will take you across the canal for 0.50Euro cents. You can also seek out some bars that serve up local favourite Spritz (Aperol/Campari, white wine and soda water) and offer a free buffet with it in the evenings. You’ll find Venice isn’t cheap for food so that’s a wise option.


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