Graduation, Stirling style

Stirling university graduationWe get robes and they’re cool! Apart from that graduation isn’t the classiest of affairs at Stirling as the ceremony’s held in the university’s tennis centre. Nonetheless, the atmosphere was brilliant last Thursday with lots of smiley and relieved faces dotting the room. The four years at Stirling have had their ups and downs but one thing’s certain, uni life will be missed.

After receiving our diplomas, being hit on the head by a cap by the Chancellor and having shaken the principal’s hand, it was time to head outside for some picture taking. You really couldn’t ask for a better backdrop than Stirling’s drop dead gorgeous campus with its loch and mountains.

Everyone then ventured over to one of the academic buildings for an informal drinks reception. At this point food and a tipple were much appreciated and luckily for us the uni caterers had done an amazing job of setting up the buffet.

Stirling does organise its own grad ball on the Friday night after all the grad ceremonies throughout the week but I was a rebel and went out for a nice meal and looots of drinks at Mediterranea restaurant with friends instead that happened to be far less expensive and probably just as fun. We ended the night at our place dancing to some cheesy tunes and some of us – conking out on the sofa.

– Red in Riga


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