Latvia in July: Positivus festival

Positivus Latvia

Positivus is one of many festivals Latvia can be proud of. Every year in mid-July it gathers thousands of Baltic folk and foreign friends for a weekend of quality music and entertainment at the seaside town of Salacgriva.

This year saw Hurts, Royksopp, James, Editors and Beach House headlining with plenty of other artists playing on the cute stages nestled in among the trees.

The party certainly doesn’t end when night falls. DJs play in most bars including 2 right on the beach. If you get tired there’s a cinema tent showing movies into the wee hours and there are hammocks hung between the coastal pine trees.

It’s impossible to get hungry at Positivus because of the 24/7 food zone selling great and exotic food for good prices (contrary to other festivals where food is even more expensive than the overpriced booze!). Oh, yes, on the topic of booze 🙂 Beer and cider really are ridiculously cheap and accessible. Stronger stuff is available in a few bars dotted around the festival area.

Most people sleep in the official camping ground but as the festival is in good old ”Eastern” Europe, plenty of unofficial camp sites spring up around the area too. Locals earn good money by charging a fiver or so to park your car or build your tent in their garden, which ends up being cheaper than paying for the official option.

In the morning there’s no better way to start the day than by taking a swim in the very mild Latvian sea.

You should totally come next year – all this and more will set you back a mere £30!

– Red


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