Bangour Village Hospital, Livingston

Bangour Village Hospital

Where’s the most innovative place someone’s taken you to on a date? Would you ever consider a walk in a derelict psychiatric hospital to impress your other half? Bangour Village Hospital just outside Livingston, about a 40 min drive away from Stirling is just that, and my Lithuanian took me there one dark and miserable winter’s afternoon just to add some excitement to our usual pre-dinner trip to the supermarket. Call me strange but I was impressed!

The hospital served the local area for a hundred years and shut quite recently in 2004. Now just a cluster of abandoned buildings and other structures, you can see the area’s a favourite among locals for dog walking and hikes. Legend has it raves were held in the old wards until a few years ago when the council boarded up the windows.

Like most Scottish public buildings built in the early twentieth century, the hospital is architecturally stunning. If you have a few spare millions please buy Bangour Village before it falls apart or gets sold off and transformed into soulless luxury apartment blocks.

I really enjoyed our walk and would sincerely recommend a visit to the area be it for a date or just a weekend excursion. You might want to pick a different time of day than we did to fully enjoy the architecture… However, the atmosphere is way creepier in the dark, no doubt.

Bangour Village Hospital

Some Bangour trivia: The hospital was used as a location for the 2005 movie The Jacket starring Adrian Brody and Keira Knightley.

– Miss Red


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