An Ode to Scotland’s Farmers’ Markets

Food tastes best when fresh and organic. Luckily for us Scotland is home to plenty of farms that grow their own veg and rear their own prime livestock. A lot of the produce is sold at specialised markets held throughout the country. Whatever the season, visiting one is an excellent way to spend a weekend day. Most markets will have stalls selling take-away lunch foods like fresh burgers, not to mention all the friendly folk handing out free tasters. Take your pick!

Stockbridge Market

Stockbridge Farmers’ Market is particularly good for freebies

Stirling’s very own farmers’ market takes place every second Saturday of the month between 10am and 4pm on Port Street. You’ll find  a large selection of raw goods like veg and meat but also baked goods, preserves and other local goodies on offer, including some non-edibles like homemade soaps. Though not available for student friendly prices, see the opportunity to buy organic local fare as a treat. Save a few pennies over the course of the month and let yourself have a healthy splurge that will benefit the local farming community too.

Stockbridge Market

A loaf of Tesco’s Sliced White or a fresh, crusty loaf of sourdough? Hmm…

In Edinburgh, Saturdays see the farmers’ market held on Castle Terrace and on Sundays you can find it in Stockbridge next to the Water of Leith.

If you fancy venturing further afield and making a day out of a visit to a farmers’ market, the Scottish Association of Farmers’ Markets provides a comprehensive list of what’s on and where throughout the week.

Happy shopping!

– Miss Red


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