Stirling Graduate Story #1: The Broadcast Journalist

Miss Working Journalist is a 2010 Stirling University graduate in Film, Media and Journalism. Read her story on landing a full time job in the radio industry.

I remember sitting in Introduction to Audio and Visual Production, hearing the great Tim Thornicroft and the even greater Les Mitchell introducing themselves. This was the reason I’d come to Stirling. Ever since that open day. Ever since I felt my heart leap as I took in that gorgeous campus. Ever since I was given the Film and Media Department tour, I knew I was destined to be in that room one day.

As Tim and Les were going through what the course entailed, Les piped in with the following… “And you must get some work placements sorted out because employers won’t take you based on the experience you’ve gotten here.” Oh and how right he was.

Me, I was sitting smugly. By this point I was already helping out every Friday at my local radio station and had joined the student station, Air3 where I went on to become the secretary.

I know that some of you reading this will think “Hey, I’m amazing. I’m the top of my class. What do I need work experience for?”  I’m afraid you couldn’t be any more wrong. I wouldn’t be where I was today with out my work placements.

I started at Wave 102 in Dundee. Landed the placement just by e-mailing. I got to write news scripts, edit audio clips and do interviews. None of which I’d been trained to do by my university. This job then led to paid work at Kingdom FM in Fife. Or home as I liked to call it. There I got to work with two of the most amazing journalists I’ve ever come across. One of them was even kind enough to give me a full time job.

To even get to that point I had to work really hard. Many freelance positions aren’t advertised. So it’s best to put yourself out there on a plate. I fired my CV out to every radio station in Scotland, regardless of distance. I received 5 replies. So for about a year I was sent all over the country. Got to know areas like Dumbarton, Falkirk and Aberdeen. I would recommend it, as I’ve been told this makes me stick out as a candidate because it shows I’m adaptable and can pick up an area in a short space of time.

And a year and nine months after all the hard work, the experience, the millions of CVs and cover letters, the getting to know many new faces, moving away from the parents, living it up in a gorgeous cottage and making some friends for life… I was poached by a bigger station (Tay FM in Dundee).

So even though I didn’t learn the majority of skills I use on a daily basis at uni, it gave me my grounding. If I had the chance to fill out a UCAS form again, I’d still put Stirling as my top choice.

So to those of you reading this that are still studying or have yet to find that graduate job, don’t worry. You’ll get there – you’ll just have to work for it.

Love C xxx

(Listen out for Miss Working Journalist’s incredibly sexy radio voice on Tay FM and visit her very own blog where she shares her thoughts on all things girly rather than work – Miss Red)


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