National Museum Lates, Edinburgh

RBS Museum Lates, Edinburgh

I’ve never even seen the Night at the Museum films but the idea of being in a museum after hours has always seemed appealing and, thanks to the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, was fulfilled. Lucky Mr Lithuanian and I snapped up tickets (£10) to the second ever “RBS Museum Lates” event on 25th March. It was a jolly good night.

On the night, it felt particularly great to be a Stirling Uni graduate because one of the event’s main organisers is Ally McCrae of BBC Radio 1 fame, but also a fellow Stirling alumnus and friend of Miss Working Journalist’s.

Recent visitors to the museum will know it’s become even greater post-renovation. During the day it has a pleasantly academic vibe to it, but, in the evening, the atmosphere seems made for a party. The huge atrium space is the perfect setting for live music, bars and other entertainment. What’s usually a childrens’ discovery area becomes an ideal dance floor and the stuffed animals are even eerier.

Silent Disco, RBS Museum Lates

The live performance by Edinburgh band Bwani Junction was a highlight. They’re such a young bunch of boys but so talented. I was happily dancing away in the front row and then continued dancing away at the silent disco that had one of the most random but awesome playlists. Whoever thought dancing to 90s trash pop could still be so much fun? At one point I took my earphones off and realised it was far from being a silent disco because so many people were singing along.

The evening was Egyptian-themed because of the Mummy exhibition currently on show so there was a creative space set aside for people to make their own Egyptian accessories. I made myself a blue and gold collar but got told by the boy it didn’t match my outfit… It had been a while since I’d been out for such a classy occasion and so I really appreciated the chance to get a bit dressed up. You could tell most people had made quite the effort – some outfits were absolutely stunning.

All in all the evening was such a nice change from your usual night out in Edinburgh. Cheap it ain’t because drinks come in at slightly more than the Edinburgh average but it’s very much worth it for the unique atmosphere. It was great to see people from so many different age groups having fun together under the same roof. I really can’t wait for the Spring Garden Party edition on 18th May. Be sure to get your RBS Museum Lates tickets as soon as they go on sale. The evening was the talk of the town (and Twitter) so there’s no doubt they’ll sell out fast.

– Miss Red


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