Doune Castle: a Weekend Treat

Doune Castle

Scotland’s stunning scenery was one of the reasons why I decided to stay here after graduating. I was ashamed at how little I’d managed to see in the four years I’d spent at Stirling Uni. But it’s not so easy to get to these beautiful places without a car. And so it is that many students spend their four years cocooned in the close-knit university town community without even realising what kind of wonders await just half an hour’s drive away. Doune Castle is one of them.

near Doune Castle

My Lithuanian and I ventured to Doune last Saturday as it would have been a shame to spend such a warm and reasonably sunny day indoors. Though we chose not to explore the castle itself this time (f.y.i. it costs £5), we wandered along the paths that surround the area and take in a lot of the local scenery. One of the trails promised a lot of wildlife sightings but we failed to spot any living creatures apart from the occasional fellow hiker. There’s a beautiful wee spot where two rivers – the Teith and the Forth – join forces and where you can sit for hours just staring into the distance. The only thing that might put you off is the wafting smell from the waste water treatment plant right nearby…

Doune Castle’s a bit of a special place for us as it’s where we had one of our first dates (aaw I hear you say).

– Miss Red


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