Edinburgh Windowsill Gardening

The lack of a proper garden outside my bog standard Edinburgh apartment building led me to try my luck at windowsill gardening. If ever I needed another reason, it’s my undying love for fresh vegetables, and my disapproval of the sweaty, plastic and polystyrene-wrapped kind you get at supermarkets these days.

windowsill gardening

As much as I’d love to buy all things organic, their current classification as a “luxury item” doesn’t quite suit my graduate level salary.

Instead, I recently bought a few packets of seeds. My perfectly sized, sunny windowsill now serves as my kitchen garden. The basil and radishes I’ve got growing at the moment seem to be doing well with just a sprinkling of water every other day, and a few encouraging words now and again. My flatmate can confirm I shrieked upon seeing my basil sprout its first leaves.

It’s great fun to imagine in a few weeks time I’ll be cooking with my homegrown veg and herbs, adding a touch of flavour to my pasta. As soon as my Lithuanian sets off for America for the summer, I’ll be running to the garden centre for more seeds and a tomato planter. Him being the rational one, he’s forbidden me from buying them until I see whether my radishes and basil bear any fruit…

Unfortunately, basil and radishes aren’t quite enough for me to subsist on. So when I can, I like to support lovely, local retailers like Tattie Shaw’s, Earthy, and Real Foods all conveniently located in and around the area I live, work and play in. During weekends I enjoy nothing more than visiting Scotland’s farmers’ markets


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