Stirling University Reunions

They say the friendships you make at university are friendships for life. As cheesy as it may sound, one year post graduation I still find myself spending most of my time with the wonderful friends I made throughout my 4 years at Stirling Uni.

So far Stirling reunions have taken me further than just Edinburgh. London, Dundee, Prague, Amsterdam… And two weekends ago I hosted my own mini reunion.

I was joined by Miss Working Journalist and Miss Arbroath for a weekend of dining, drinking and general merriment. What better reason to serve afternoon tea? No tea for us though – we stuck to Cava…

boozy afternoon tea

… and then we went for a spot of Pimms in the surprise sunshine at the lovely Teuchters Landing on the Shore. Seafood being their speciality, we decided to give oysters a go. At £1.80 a pop we wouldn’t have regretted it even if we’d had to spit them out. Fortunately, we didn’t! Have you ever tried one served with wasabi?

Stirling University reunion

Cheers to many more reunions to come, like the one with Miss Redheaded Lithuanian in Iceland this November!

– Red


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