Enchanted Forest, Pitlochry

pitlochry enchanted forest

T’was a chilly October evening when I set off to discover the Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry with two Bulgarians in tow. To visit had been a dream of mine ever since I first heard about the annual outdoor light and sound show in my first year at uni.

Every year in October, a forest just outside the Perthshire tourist town of Pitlochry is transformed into an enchanted kingdom ruled by druids in long gowns, and unicorns. Faskally Wood is the ideal setting for enchantment. Its dark and mysterious loch, towering trees, and rugged rocks would look glorious enough on their ownsome, but their natural beauty is only further enhanced by moving lights in greens, reds, purples and blues, flickering to the rhythm of the music.

faskally wood pitlochry

A very well organised event, the Enchanted Forest sees ticket holders transported to the woods by shuttle bus from the town centre so you can travel to Pitlochry by public transport (train or bus) or car and leave it in the central car park. Heated public toilets and refreshment kiosks are available on site for all your needs, and what I found most wonderful is the fact that all paths are wheelchair and buggy accessible.

At various points along the walk, friendly druids and unicorns share their tales of the forest. This year, we got to learn about Celtic symbols and their meanings, and got instructed to touch a unicorn’s hoof but refrained. Why, you may ask? Because touching a unicorn’s hoof means giving up on doing bad deeds for the rest of your life! Unsurprisingly, I didn’t see a single soul agree to touch it, regardless of its inviting, moonlit silver sheen. How boring the world would be without that all important element of bitchiness.

enchanted forest

We were among the luckiest visitors as not a single drop of rain fell during our time in the Enchanted Forest. The loch was calm as can be, only adding to the overall experience with its stunning reflections. Of course, the music was also at its purest and most enjoyable, tugging ever so gently at everyone’s heartstrings.

Indeed, a must-see Scottish attraction if there ever was one. I do highly recommend you pay the 2013 edition a visit, or hurry to snap up any last remaining tickets for this year’s show that runs until the 27th October.

Back home I realised my wellies had helped me transport a considerable amount of the forest to Edinburgh. For this misdemeanour I offer my sincere apologies to the Forestry Commission… And I do sincerely recommend you wear wellies and warm, wooly clothing during your visit.

– Red


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