Edinburgh’s Mews & Lanes

Carlton Terrace MewsEdinburgh is home to a fair few hidden gems, many of which are its gorgeous mews and lanes. Only a select few are lucky enough to live in these quaint cul-de-sacs and alleys, and you can tell from the cars parked there that they’re among Edinburgh’s elite.

Royal Terrace Mews

My personal favourites are Carlton Terrace Mews, Royal Terrace Mews, Circus Lane and Dublin Meuse. They’re conveniently located within walking distance of each other so exploring them makes for the perfect leisurely weekend adventure.

Circus Lane

Just a few of the things that make these Edinburgh secrets so pretty are the chimneys, multi-coloured doorways and windows, potted plants and the overall super safe and cosy vibe. You get the feeling everyone knows everyone here. They’re like wee villages in the heart of Edinburgh where no one’s going to pinch your laundry if you leave it out overnight.

Edinburgh's mews and lanes

If you know of any mews and lanes I simply must explore, point me in the right direction won’t you? Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Edinburgh’s Mews & Lanes

  1. I love finding new mews in Edinburgh! I adore the Dalry mews, which are tucked away in plain site at Haymarket. There are also some wonderful houses and lanes in Polwarth. Every area I walk around on foot usually has some gorgeous mews cottages tucked away. I love finding them; they are the city’s best kept secrets!

    • Oh wow thank you Claire! I’ve only just been to Polwarth for the first time so I’ll be sure to try and find its wee lanes. And Dalry Mews along the way 🙂 Have a lovely evening

  2. All the streets you posted are beautiful; trying to think of others, Ramsay Garden (just by the castle), and St Bernard’s Lane (in Stockbridge) are two that immediately come to mind. They really are hidden all over the place.

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