Arthur’s Seat in the Wind and Rain

You haven’t experienced the “real” Scotland until you’ve found yourself completely drenched to the core and on the verge of being swept over by the wind. Fortunately, the weatherman makes this a very achievable goal.

Arthur's Seat Edinburgh

Throughout the year, he has a nasty way of tricking people into believing the day will be drenched in sunshine rather than rain. Alas, then he changes his mind and you find yourself teetering on the edge of a mountain (or a less extreme location if you’re lucky!) as the raindrops/hail stones slap your face and the wind howls eerily around you.

Yesterday I found myself perched precariously on the summit of Arthur’s Seat in the wind and rain which is such a usual occurrence in Edinburgh. At least I wore wellies in preparation for a muddy hike. I’d recommend you follow suit or wear hiking boots on any given day.

And by all means don’t attempt to reach Edinburgh’s highest peak whilst wearing a white coat and pretty city boots. This is just one of the numerous inappropriate outfits spotted on the mountain trails that day.

I admit to wearing a very silly hat which I almost sacrificed to the wind gods, as well as bringing a hand bag which really should have been a practical rucksack. Ok, so the coat wasn’t ideal either… You should really only venture up there in a wind and rainproof jacket.

arthur's seat wind rain

A word of caution overheard on Arthur’s Seat: In the stormiest of weather, some hikers have had to be plucked to safety by Mountain Rescue having climbed only halfway up the mountain! So, sometimes the “real” Scotland is best experienced from the comfort of a local pub, cradling a glass of whisky.


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