Cramond is a village, beach and island tucked away in the outskirts of Edinburgh on the shores of the Firth of Forth with views towards Fife. By foot it can take up to two hours to reach this somewhat remote side of town, but by bus (Lothian route 41) it’s a matter of thirty minutes or so. Many people, including us, seem to opt for walking one way and bussing it the other, or hopping in the car, of course.

cramond beach

The quickest route to Cramond from our side of town (Leith and Canonmills) led us past the Botanic Gardens, across Ferry Road and straight ahead towards the Firth. Once at the Firth, we veered to the left and kept walking as close to the water as possible. It’s not the most beautiful of routes as it snakes right through an industrial area, but there’s a certain charm to this too. Authentic Scotland has many sides to it!

On a grim day the water and the sky are the same colour. Fortunately, things brighten up a little once you reach the recreational area surrounding Cramond Beach. Kids and dogs love playing on the green parkland.

cramond island crossing

If you’re lucky and reach Cramond during low tide, you can brave the narrow walkway which leads across to the island of the same name. Rumour has it a fair few raves have been thrown on the island with people literally forced to stay awake and party until the tide goes down.

We missed out this time as the tide was most definitely high. It was also too windy to make it across safely. This is something to watch out for! Be sure to respect the warning signs and double check the safe crossing times before getting stranded and having to call the coastguard for help.

cramond village

Once you feel you’ve had enough of Cramond beach life, have a well deserved pint at the local pub. Cramond Inn lies in the heart of the village and is everything you’d expect from a village pub. A blazing fireplace, refreshing pints and warm bevvies are just what the doctor ordered after a day out on the chilly Scottish coast.


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