The Story

Scotland through the eyes of a former Stirling University student and current “young professional” in Edinburgh. I originally hail from Latvia.

Red and Rosé began as a joint project between two young ladies in our final year at Stirling University in Scotland when we felt we spent too much time complaining about small town living. Stirling was actually a great place to live and from which to discover the many other beautiful parts of Scotland! We thus started to document our adventures.

Red is now the sole contributor to the blog while Rosé is busy completing her Masters degree.

I upped sticks and moved to Edinburgh after graduating, and now work as an online copywriter. In my free time I still love nothing more than discovering Scotland and its hidden treasures. These explorations form the backbone of the blog. and Twitter are where you can contact me. Feel free to suggest places and spaces I should visit, or let me know if you’d like to contribute to the blog.

I’m also very open to the idea of guest blogging if anyone would like to give me the chance!



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