1980s Prom Party

1980s prom party

I won’t divulge the details of our 1980s prom party last Saturday. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

But I will utter a few vital ingredients for a 1980s party… homemade disco ball, American candy stands, Oreos, vodka jelly, punch, balloons, soap bubbles, streamers, prom king and queen crowns, nachos, pretzels, aaaand the all important outfits. – Red

(P.S. Thanks for the photos – you know who you are 😉 )

1980s prom candy

vodka jelly



Vintage Online? Look No Further

Fancy a unique new piece of clothing? Look no further, my new online business has been born. The project is a joint venture with my sister. Together we spent the summer in Latvia cherry-picking beautiful vintage goods that are now available to buy at InekaIvete Vintage 

It’s been a fun ride but it sure took a lot more effort than we’d originally anticipated. Not only did we have to build up a collection of clothing, we also had to measure them, model them, price and launder them. It’s going to be hard to part from all the lovely pieces we’ve collected along the way… the cons of working in retail!

Get your orders in fast because rumour has it we sold our first item less than an hour after the shop went live…

– a very proud Miss Red

The Floor

For some absurd reason I always seem to think it’s a brilliant idea to get on the floor every time J Lo says the phrase… that is 28 times (Miss Rose counted). Both times I’ve chosen to do this publicly have been at The Red Room. I’m proud to say I’ve yet to fall! – Red

The Day of the Rapture and a Walk up the Dumyat

On Saturday, our dear Miss Lithuania had her last ever exam at Stirling University and to celebrate she wanted to go up the Dumyat. For those of you who do not know about the Dumyat, it is the hill behind the University, a very popular climb for students, locals and tourists alike. In every other occasion I would recommend the walk up there, the scenery is breath taking and the walk itself is nice.

Though on Saturday the weather was not on our side, and the walk resembled more like a scene from the film “The Day after Tomorrow” than a nice hill walk. When we started walking towards the hill, the weather wasn’t anything to brag about, it was drizzling and the clouds were dense in the sky. Yet we had hope and were determined to walk up as this was a wish of Miss Lithuania, and had been throughout her university life, to walk up the Dumyat after her last exam.

Though after reaching the hill, and taking the wrong path, having to journey up the hill between stinging nettles and tall grass, I should mention by this point that I wasn’t very prepared for this walk and was wearing shorts, we were still optimistic.

Nevertheless it was only after we started reaching a certain height that the wind became fierce and unbearable, so strong you could almost lay on it.  We finally reached the top, though the weather didn’t really allow us to enjoy it fully, so we soon made our prompt way down.

I wholeheartedly recommend a walk up the Dumyat if you are ever In the area, though don’t do like me and please dress accordingly. Also it would be a good idea to not go up on a day people have predicted as the rapture and maybe check the weather before you make your way up.

– Miss Rosé

An Unknown Stirling Texter

Miss Red has got herself a secret admirer. Behaving as a true 21st Century gentleman, he’s been expressing his compliments via text messages only. Some cute, some just plain bizarre, the recipient is now getting slightly bored and running out of free credit to respond with. Time for mystery man to reveal his secret identity! Friends are involved in the guessing game. Who could it be? Bets are on.