The Ladies

Miss RedRed

A Latvian in love with Scotland. I spent four years studying French & Journalism at Stirling University, then moved to Edinburgh for more adventures and work, which I found at a digital marketing agency.

Among the things that excite me the most are red wine, markets, cardigans, cooking and kitchenware, geek glasses, hopping on planes to exotic destinations, mountains and live music.

My aim with this blog is to help you discover the beauty of Scotland and some of its lesser known places and spaces, as well as to introduce you to what life can be like for an expat of sorts in this lovely land.

Rosé (unfortunately no longer blogging)

You can email Red at:

I look forward to hearing from you!

I also tweet: @redandrosegirls


11 thoughts on “The Ladies

    • Thanks for reading Windhound! It’s a shame I had to leave Scotland just as the blog was picking up. All the best from Riga, my new home, which there are also many reasons to love

  1. Hey there. Thank you very much for this beautyful place you created. My name is Michael, I am from Germany and I like to travel to Edinburgh to work there as a gardener. I found your site and I love it. It is wonderful written, amazing photos, just really really nice. It is your article of Roslin Glen Park with its beautyful landscape and little water and plants and trees, what a romantic german think of: That is Scotland!
    Your site makes m feel good about the decision to go to Scotland. It will be a hard job to learn more english, specially for the gardeners job, to make a new beginning, new friends, new relationships, but I think, it is worth.

    Thanks alot


    • Hi Michael! Thanks so much for the nice words. I’m really happy to hear the blog is still being read even though I’ve moved on from the beautiful Edinburgh. I wish you all the best with your move and I’m sure you’ll do well with your English. Greetings from Scotland!

      • You have moved away from Edinburgh??? Found something nicer???Highlands? Midlothians? A small old countryhouse in the green, with cattles and sheeps, cats, a dog, and wonderful nights on the terace with a little fire and a glass red wine?
        Whatever it is, it must be very beautyfull, if you moved there. 🙂

      • Haha 🙂 That would be idyllic! I’ve actually left Scotland and returned to my roots in Riga, Latvia. No Highlands here unfortunately. All the best!

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